Using 4 – Hi Ranges at the Right Time is Key

Here at our Auto Gallery Imports location, we take the time to provide our customers with information about vehicle safety. One subject that is relevant to both vehicle safety and performance is the proper selection of four-wheel-drive gear ranges. While four-wheel-drive settings are of great use when it comes to increasing traction during slippery road conditions, many vehicles include specific settings that drivers must understand to get the most out of their vehicles.

The 4-Hi gear setting provides four-wheel-drive power to each individual wheel. This setting thus improves traction during wet, icy, or muddy road conditions. In addition, the 4 – High gear setting allows equipped vehicles to operate at speeds approaching 55 mph. This makes this setting useful for folks who need both extra traction and road eating speed.

The next related range is the 4–Low gear setting. Much like the 4–High setting, this gear range provides extra torque to each individual wheel. Unlike its counterpart, the 4–Low setting is designed for use at speeds below 10mph. As such, this setting works best under the worst road conditions. It can also come in handy for vehicle operators who need to tow very heavy loads for short distances.

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